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Empire Elevators is an Australian family owned company.
With 20 years experience in the Australian Lift industry

Our Managing Director, James Weisshardt has been on the front line of thousands of residential lift and commercial lift installations in Melbourne. His willingness to problem solve and create an elevator technical solution to suit his partners needs is limitless. This is the reason why his customers keep coming back.

With a background in Architectural Drafting, Engineering and Project Management, James respects and understands every project builds need for communication, assistance and delivering of the elevators installation on time and budget. Our company mantra is to ‘Exceed Expectation’

James Weisshardt explains

Empire Elevators Melbourne has partnered with some of the largest Italian elevator manufacturers of lift drive systems. Unlike our competitors who use cabin builders that source the various components that drive your lift up and down, our supplier actually manufactures all of these components of your lift, giving you complete design flexibility and unbeatable quality. They are the market leaders”
Empire Elevators is the leader in luxury home elevators and commercial limited mobility elevator solutions. Empire Elevators has the customisable design flexibility, engineering and service capabilities required to design, install and maintain your state of the art elevator.

Made In Italy…European quality built to last!

Empire 300 Residential Lift

Innovation and then some…

Empire Elevators hydraulic and traction residential lift and commercial lift options have been chosen from extensive research into the European elevator industry.

Our Italian partners are some of the largest elevator companies in Europe who continuously innovate their products to keep up with modern technology.

The Empire Elevator is tested with the most rigorous state of the art procedures available. Our customers can be assured that every Empire Elevator through ISO 9001 quality assurance is guaranteed to receive the industry leading engineered residential elevator available on the market.

Empire Elevators has concluded through its extensive knowledge of the home lift market that safety, reliability, design flexibility, standard, bespoke, unique, custom cabins and over engineered home lifts must be the standard. Our customers deserve nothing less.

The Empire Elevator is the home lift and commercial lift ideal to remove architectonic barriers. The Empire Elevator improves quality of life by facilitating mobility in autonomy.


Empire Glass and Metal Lift Shaft Structures

By using the most advanced technologies, the installation is quick and non invasive.

It does not require large structural lift shafts. With low costs of purchasing and running its versatility allows its use in various contexts from residential to commercial applications.

Empire Elevators is able to provide a wide range of certified metal structures for all needs. From RAL powder coated steel, aluminium, stainless steel with clear or opaque glass or solid RAL powder coated panels. Indoor or outdoor applications. All structures are certified.


Design flexibility, easily integrating.

Each Empire Elevator is a unique model, customized according to measurements and surveys of the lift shaft on site.

The Empire Elevator easily integrates through complete design flexibility easily integrating in any type of environment, seamlessly harmonising with the decor, thanks to the wide variety of finishes, materials, colours and accessories available.

Empire Elevators can customise and enable access in the cabin and on the ground through devices such as digital combination key pads and card readers.

Empire Elevators offers a wide range of doors able to satisfy any technical and aesthetic needs. From hinged swing doors to automatic sliding doors solid or panoramic. Special combinations and economic solutions to the finest. From any RAL coated colour, Italian designer skinplate, stainless steels with fire rated doors also available.

Empire Elevators uses lighting systems with energy saving LED technology to achieve extremely high efficiency with longer life and reduced power consumption .

Empire Elevators eliminates architectural barriers, elevating the quality of life in the face of a limited investment

Our Empire Elevator cabins are designed and manufactured in Italy with the utmost flexibility for interior customisation with our standard finishes or following your design and materials needs.

Empire Elevator cabins are built to the highest European standards with materials that allow a wide range of customisation options

They are manufactured with flexible sizes (millimeter increments) to suit all design requirements.

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