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Limited Mobility Lift.
Complying to Australian Standard 1735 16/12

The Empire 400 Commercial is the access design solution for low rise commercial, public and school applications installed in accordance with Australian Standard 1735 16/12.
Choose from a wide range of Italian manufactured finishes as standard or custom match your own décor.
The Empire 400 commercial lift has been designed with minimum pit requirements and low headroom to deliver an ultra smooth ride because of its exclusive dual speed hydraulic system accelerating to the maximum speed whisper quietly because of its extremely efficient submerged motor. The Empire Elevator comes with standard inclusions such LCD display with programmable voice and images, all safety features and the finest Italian manufacturing.


Empire 400 Commercial Limited Mobility Lift
Elevator Specification

Complying to Australian Standard 1735 16/12


Up to 5 passengers


0.3 m/s


Automatic buttons



Cabin Size

1100mm x 1400mm minimum



Cabin Height

2100mm standard

Max Travel

12m From finished floor level to finished floor level



Control Cabinet

850mm wide x 450mm deep x 1400mm high

Single & Three Phase available

Clear Door Opening

900mm Wide x 2000mm high

Features Included

  • TFT 7″ LCD Display (Graphic layout completely customised)
  • LCD Display includes voice annunciation and scratch proof
  • Auto Dialler emergency phone
  • Integrated Emergency lowering in the event of power failure
  • Automatic return to lowest floor or pre-designated floor
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Full Height Light Safety Curtains
  • Seamless Design Flexibility (Hundreds of Cabin Configurations)
  • Designer LED Ceilings
  • Fault Code Analysis
  • Oil Heater
  • Stainless Steel Push Button Finish with Braille
  • Push Button Illumination
  • Ability to order blank canvas cabin walls (control panel and ceiling to be supplied by Empire Elevators) to create custom one of a kind designs for the the most bespoke Architectural concept projects.
  • Automatic micro re-leveling which is recommended for elevators with high traffic flow to ensure the maintenance of the car at the floor level by increasing the safe loading and unloading operations is standard in your Empire home lift which is reserved for commercial elevators. The power of the auxiliary motor reduces power consumption and wear and tear to the motor and the main pump.
  • Low pit and headroom

Detailing & Finishes

Stainless Steel - Full Glass

Stainless Steel - Full Glass

Stainless steel cart

Stainless steel cart

Hand rail

Hand rail & monitor

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Touch screen display

Touch screen display

Standard monitor

Standard monitor

Standard Cabin

Standard Cabin

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